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Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing our community with friendly dental services while offering a wide range of complimentary comforts and amenities. Our goal is to educate each of our patients about oral health and hygiene, so that they can make informative decisions about their own oral well-being. We strive to foster a comfortable, welcoming environment where our patients feel safe, relaxed and cared for. Our qualified staff have been hand-picked to provide unparalleled service with care and knowledge. At DentAllon Dentistry we are committed to our community and always offer our patients their best smile. We proudly serve all of the League City, Nassau Bay, and Webster.

Meet Your New Dentist

Dr. Liel Allon

Dr. Allon is a League City native with a deep-rooted passion for the well-being of her community. During her studies, Dr. Allon also started volunteering within her local community and after seeing the smiles she can spread through helping others while practicing dentistry, she knew her calling. From basic oral hygiene to a radiant smile, Dr. Allon pledges to provide  the knowledge and services to let her patients decide what’s best for them. Dr. Allon understands the importance of having a healthy, confident smile, and she wants to provide her community with a level of knowledge and comfortability found nowhere else in League City dentistry. 

In order for her to be sure that her community is getting the best dental treatment, Dr. Allon aims to create regularly returning patients. In fact, a large reason she wanted to practice dentistry was due to her yearning to build and maintain long-lasting relationships with her patients. Dental work can be a little personal at times, which is why Dr. Allon believes a healthy doctor-patient relationship will breed a comfortable environment, both for her patients and herself.

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Meet Your New Dentist

Dr. Taylor Provost, DDS

Dr. Taylor Provost was born and raised in the Houston area and is excited to return to serve as a dental provider. She received her B.S. in Human Biology at the University of Texas at Austin. During her time at the university, Dr. Provost represented the university as a cheerleader where she was named captain. She then went on to attend Texas A&M College of Dentistry, where she received her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. While at the dental college, Dr. Provost immersed herself in research, community outreach, and many organizations. Dr. Provost’s passion for dentistry simply comes from understanding the power that a smile holds and how it can transform one’s life. She is passionate about comprehensive dental care and cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Provost takes pride in implementing innovative technology and techniques to enhance the patient’s outlook on dentistry and their overall oral health. Her ultimate goal as a dental practitioner is to provide patients with an exceptional experience, while promoting the importance of oral healthcare.

In her free time, Dr. Provost enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling, attending sporting and music events, and fitness. She loves to remain active! She is a member of the Texas Dental Association. Dr. Provost is very excited to be a part of the team and looks forward to seeing you at your next dental visit!

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We Love Creating Smiles

Meet Our Smile Squad

We believe that hard work and passion are products of a fun, inviting workplace culture. Our team is willing to work diligently and provide the best dental service because we truly care for each other and our community. At DentAllon Dentistry, we all work together towards a central goal: to take the patient experience to the next level.

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Almog Mashiach

Executive Manager

A dedicated member of DentAllon Dentistry, Almog is quick, efficient and attentive to patient needs and requests. From helping patients book appointments to maintaining office amenities, Almog is the epitome of patient service. He's had a past service in the Israeli Defense Force, and that's probably why he keeps everyone on track. During his free time, Almog likes to play tennis and spend time with his family.

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Dental Assistant

Katlyn was born and raised in Houston, Texas. She received her Registered Dental Assistant certificate from Pima Medical Institute. She likes to attend Continuing Education courses to stay up to date with the new and improved technology Dentistry has to offer. Katlyn decided to pursue in the Dental field because she always had passion for helping others. She recently moved to the Seabrook area in 2019.

Katlyn wants to create a bond with each individual. She wants to make patients feel as relaxed and “at home” as possible. She loves seeing patients leave the office with confidence. There is no better feeling than seeing someone you are helping, achieve the smile they have always wanted. Katlyn likes to keep the atmosphere upbeat and positive.

When she’s not at the office, she likes to spend her time with her family in Houston and New Mexico. She loves to be by water, on a boat, swimming and having fun in the sun.

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Dental Hygienist

Michelle grew up in the Texas City/Clear Lake area. At the age of 16 she was inspired by her Dental Hygienist; that’s the moment she knew she wanted to pursue a career in Dental Hygiene. Michelle started as a Dental Assistant; she went to school at night to receive her associate degree at College of the Mainland. She was accepted to the Dental Hygiene program at the University of Texas Dental Branchin Houston where she graduated in 2002, all while raising children with her high school sweetheart. She takes pride in keeping up with current hygiene practices to maximize patient oral health. Michelle is extremely gentle with her patients and receives constant praise for how delicate yet thorough she is. She loves getting to know her patients and making them feel like family.

When Michelle is not at work, she enjoys working on her show car with her husband. She has entered several car shows and has won numerous trophies from these competitions. She is also a huge Pittsburgh Penguins Hockey Fan and watches them every season. Most of all she loves getting together and spending time with her friends and family

What to expect

Your First Visit

At your first appointment, you'll be greeted with warm hospitality and a generous, welcoming room. Dr. Allon's first priority is to listen and address your main concern. She will take every step to ensure that you are as comfortable and relaxed as possible. We offer warm towels and multiple flavors of topical anesthetic for maximum comfort. After the exam, Dr. Allon will show you the issues found, explain what causes these issues, and offer possible solutions. Ultimately, we want to give you all the information you need to make an educated decision and take command of your oral health.

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Our Office experience

a warm, Welcoming practice

Our newly designed dental office has a modern theme with a wide array of amenities and comforts. Our welcoming office offers complimentary drinks, restrooms with courtesy toothbrushes, and iPads to educate yourself. There are several comfortable chairs for our patients to unwind and relax for a short while before being seen by their dental professional.

Dental office in Nassau Bay

comfortable dental care

modern Technology

Our mission is to make our patient’s visit as painless and comfortable as possible. When necessary, we offer 3D x-rays that eliminate the need for patients to bite down on uncomfortable plastic. Within seconds the intraoral image is taken and presented to the patient. We also offer an unmatched operatory experience with TVs mounted on the ceiling and equipped with Netflix for patient’s viewing. You can binge watch your favorite show while our highly skilled dental professionals give you the smile you want!

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