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How to Get to Our Office From Seabrook

Head west toward Anders Ave and then turn right onto Anders Ave. In 151 ft, turn right onto 2nd St/Main St. In 5.3 miles, you can use any lane to turn slightly left onto E NASA Pkwy/NASA Road 1. 

You'll pass by O'Reilly Auto Parts on the left in .3 miles. Turn left onto Nassau Bay Dr, in 266 ft, and then turn right in 36 ft. Make a slight left in 85 ft and you will find our office on the right. You can enter our address into your phone’s GPS to get live directions on your phone: 1234 NASA Parkway Houston, Texas 77058.

Dental Services Offered

At DentAllon Dentistry, we offer a range of dental care services, where we always place our patients’ comforts and needs first. 

General Dentistry - A general dentist provides preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dental care. This encompasses prevention that detects early warning signs of oral health problems and stops them in their tracks, as well as restoring the teeth to health when decay and trauma happen in the least invasive way possible. 

Being happy with your smile is just as important as the health of your smile. Studies show that patients who have invested in the appearance of their teeth are more likely to take care of them. We can help remove tooth stains and repair chips and cracks with cosmetic dental treatments.

Implant Dentistry - Prevent bone loss while replacing missing teeth. A dental implant is the highest quality tooth replacement in the dental field. Not only does it look and feel like a natural tooth, but it also restores the tooth root so it functions just like one. 

As the jawbone grows over the implant, it anchors it in place so it will never move and when you chew, the stimulation regenerates new cells that preserve the jawbone so you won’t suffer from bone loss that can change your bite and facial features.

Invisalign - Straighten your teeth without the unattractive and uncomfortable metal wires and brackets of braces. Wearing clear removable aligners will allow us to correct your teeth alignment with less pressure, no diet restrictions, and no tooth stains. You don’t have to suffer from hunks of metal over your teeth to improve your smile.

Premium Dental Amenities

Our friendly and compassionate staff will greet you on arrival at our office and offer you a range of amenities for your comfort while you wait for the start of your appointment. You will have access to complimentary refreshments, iPads, a waiting area with comfortable seating, and toothbrushes for you to use in our restrooms. 

During your appointment, you can watch Netflix on our TVs which are hanging in all of our treatment rooms so you don’t have to focus on the things going on around you. We also offer dental sedation for patients who have dental anxiety, which will instantly relax you and enable us to perform necessary dental work without causing unnecessary stress. 

If you’re searching for the best Seabrook dentist, you can be sure that our office has the most up-to-date dental technology, including 3D x-rays and intraoral scanners.

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