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Meet Your Newest Webster Dentist

Our Webster Dentist office takes great pride in caring for your smile. Your comfort and happiness are the cornerstones of what our dental care is all about. If you want to look up appointments, payment information and find answers to common questions, you’ve come to the right place. 

Dr. Allon has assembled a team of well-trained professionals to provide a high level of dental care in Houston. Every single member of our team is educated, skilled, and eager to help patients relieve their pain and restore oral health.

Our office is located right across the street from NASA, making it a fun place for guests of all ages. We have free drinks for older patients, iPads for young ones, and even TVs with your favorite shows that you can watch while we make your smile look even better.

Complete Dental Services at Your Webster Dentist

By visiting our office, you can rest assured that you'll receive an unparalleled level of care from dentists who give every case their full attention. No matter what your dental problems are, you will find a solution to them in our office. At DentAllon Dentistry, you’ll find everything from preventive care and root canal therapy to dental implants and transformative cosmetic procedures. Whether you’ve had your last dental appointment in the last six months or six years, it’s always the right time to have your teeth checked.

Advanced Dental Technology

People often come to our office for more than just our knowledge. They are also impressed by the state-of-the-art tools we use to observe, diagnose, and treat dental issues. This enables us to ensure that our treatments are done efficiently and comfortably. Our standard practices are miles ahead of outdated methods of treatment many dentists still use.

What to Expect When Visiting Your Webster Dentist

We want to ensure that everyone is greeted with a warm welcome to our office. The staff at DentAllon Dentistry will do what they can to make sure you're comfortable. DentAllon Dentistry encourages all new patients to come in for a visit before a treatment. That way, the doctor will get to know you, talk about dental care habits, and see what your goals are.  

At our office, everyone is treated with courtesy and respect. Whether you are here for a routine cleaning or to discuss dental service options, our staff will provide the help you need. To make the process of getting a mouth cast less painful and time-consuming, we offer 3D x-rays that eliminate the need to bite on uncomfortable plastic. Within seconds, we’re able to see your image on the screen and assess your condition.

Our operating room is equipped with a TV, where you can watch Netflix during your procedure. While you binge-watch episodes of your favorite TV show, our highly skilled dental professionals will give you a smile to remember. If you’re worried about not hearing the TV due to our dental equipment, you can calm down, because we have headphones for that.

Visit Your Webster Dentist and Discover Your New Smile!

DentAllon Dentistry is a one-stop-shop for all of your dental needs. Located across the street from the NASA Space Center, our dental practice can’t be any more easier to find at 1234 NASA Parkway in Houston, TX 77058. Call us at (832) 975-0780. Book an appointment now!

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