5 Reasons Keeping Up With Your Oral Health Is Important

Wondering why you need to see the dentist every six months? In this blog from DentAllon dentistry, we’ll look at the 5 top reasons why keeping up with your oral health is important, and why you should come in and see our dental team twice a year for checkups. 

1. Early Disease Detection

The earlier Dr. Allon detects an oral disease, the sooner you can get help, and the better your outcome will be. This is the biggest benefit of seeing a dentist regularly for six-month preventive care.

At your appointment, Dr. Liel Allon can recognize the early signs of common oral health issues like cavities and gum disease, and even more serious problems like oral cancer. This means that you can get the treatment you need right away, and avoid further complications or invasive dental procedures. 

For example, if Dr. Allon catches a cavity early at a six-month appointment, she can treat it with a filling. But if you only see the dentist every year or two, the cavity may be too deep to treat with a filling and may require a dental crown. Or, the cavity may even become infected, and require treatment with root canal therapy. 

2. Disease Prevention 

Routine preventive care doesn’t just help Dr. Allon catch oral diseases early. It can prevent them completely. For example, if Dr. Allon notices that you have a “soft spot” on your tooth, which is the first stage of tooth decay, she may recommend a fluoride treatment. This can strengthen the tooth and reverse the soft spot, completely preventing a cavity from forming. 

3. Healthy Teeth & Gums

Healthy teeth and gums make your life easier. When you know that your smile is healthy, you get peace of mind. Not only that, but you can chew with confidence, eat your favorite foods, and avoid tooth pain and sensitivity. 

This is especially important as you age. As you grow older, you’re more susceptible to tooth decay and gum disease, so staying on top of your oral care will ensure you maintain a healthy mouth. 

4. Maintaining A Smile That Shines

Six-month teeth cleanings don’t just keep your teeth healthy. They also help keep your smile shiny and bright by removing stained, yellow plaque and tartar from your teeth. With routine cleanings at our office, you’ll be able to maintain a smile that shines! 

5. Developing A Relationship With Your Dentist And The Community 

At DentAllon Dentistry, we’re more than just a dental office. We’re your neighbors! Dr. Allon and our team are proud to serve the community, and when you come to our office in Nassau Bay, you’ll be part of the community, too.

Not only that, but you’ll be able to develop a personal relationship with Dr. Liel Allon. She will be able to learn more about your oral health challenges, your lifestyle, and your family, and provide you with the personalized dental care you need. 

Contact DentAllon Dentistry For An Appointment With Our Nassau Bay Dentist! 

If you live in Nassau Bay or the surrounding areas and you’re looking for an experienced family dentist, Dr. Liel Allon is here for you. We’re proud to serve our community with patient-focused, gentle, and judgment-free dental care. Contact us online or give us a call at (832) 975-0780 to schedule a consultation and get the preventive dentistry you need in Nassau Bay. 

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