My Dental Crown Fell Out, What Do I Do Now?

Dental crowns are often used to restore a badly damaged tooth to its full function and appearance. It’s crucial to take care of your dental crown to ensure it's able to do its job properly.

Unfortunately, sometimes accidents happen. Your dental crown might fall out, leaving you wondering what to do next. Do you need emergency care, or is a regular appointment enough?

This blog post has the answer:

How Can Dental Crowns Fall Out?

A dental crown is permanently cemented on top of a natural tooth, which allows patients to chew their food and speak as normal without fearing the crown could fall at any time. 

However, some factors can cause it to fall out entirely:

  • Improper fit
  • Trauma or direct blows to the mouth
  • Biting down on hard foods or objects that can chip or crack the crown
  • Tooth decay underneath the crown
  • Cement deterioration, etc.

What to Do If a Crown Falls Out

No matter why a dental crown fell out, follow these three steps to successfully get through this moment:

1. Call Dr. Liel Allon

First, you should reach out to Dr. Liel Allon by calling (832) 975-0780 and describing your situation. Dr. Allon can give you more personalized tips on how to deal with this citation based on this call.

For instance, if you’re not in any pain or discomfort, Dr. Allon may recommend using dental cement to keep the crown in place until you can get to your appointment.

If the crown is completely damaged and cannot be put back, you might need to come in as soon as possible for emergency care.

2. Care for the tooth until your appointment

Be sure to follow all of Dr. Allon’s instructions to avoid any unwanted complications. For instance, you might need to chew your food on the other side of your mouth until the crown is reattached or replaced.

You should also continue to brush and floss your teeth diligently. The tooth under the crown is more vulnerable to bacteria now, so it’s important to protect it.

If you’re feeling pain, you can take OTC medication like ibuprofen to control it.

3. Don’t skip your appointment

Even if you think you’re all better now, you should still see Dr. Allon for a consultation. He needs to take a closer look at the dental crown and make sure it’s not damaged.

Not all fallen-out crowns need replacing, but if yours does, Dr. Allon can fit you for a new one on the spot.

Contact Us Today

If your dental crown falls out, don’t wait. Dr. Liel Allon can see you right away and re-cement the crown or get you a new one to ensure your oral health is fully protected. 

Schedule a consultation at DentAllon Dentistry online or call us at (832) 975-0780 right away for emergency dental care.

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