Myths About Sedation Dentistry

Most people know that regular dentist visits are the key to excellent oral health. No matter how well you are tending to your teeth yourself, it cannot compare to the in-depth care that a dentist provides. 

Unfortunately, a lot of people still believe that going to the dentist is a painful experience. As such, they postpone their visits until it's too late. Even when they are presented with sedation dentistry options, they assume that they are unsafe or that they will have negative side effects.

With that in mind, let’s explore the most common sedation myths and debunk them. This way, instead of allowing these myths to take control of your decision, you can learn more about how sedation works. 

Myth 1: Sedation Is Dangerous

Sedation has been proved to be safe, yet a lot of people consider it quite dangerous. While complete sedation might come with some risks depending on each patient and underlying health issues, dentists go through your medical history so that everything is accounted for. Before deciding on the sedation type, the dentist will determine the best option for each patient’s individual needs. 

The sedative will be then administered and closely monitored by a certified professional.

Myth 2: There Is Only One Type of Sedation

Sometimes sedation is confused with the general anesthesia used for more complex dental procedures. But not all sedatives put you to sleep. There are several options that the dentist can recommend to your specific needs and situation, such as laughing gas or conscious sedation. 

Myth 3: You Will Fall Asleep Under Sedation 

General anesthesia is the only sedation that puts you to sleep. Other types of sedation put you in a state of relaxation that is meant to help with anxiety. You will be conscious the entire time you are under the sedative effects. 

Myth 4: Sedation Is Only for Complex Procedures 

Sometimes the mere thought of having to go to the dentist makes people afraid of going. But sedation can be used for any dental procedure such as root canals, cleaning, fillings, and more. Laughing gas or IV sedation are the most commonly used for standard procedures. Even if you need something as simple as plaque removal, you can discuss sedation options with your dentist. 

We Make Every Visit Pleasant and Relaxed! 

Hopefully, this article helped answer some of the most pressing questions about sedation dentistry. If you are still anxious or unsure if sedation is right for you, get in touch with DentAllon Dentistry and we can help. 

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