Root Canal Therapy Explained And FAQs

Wondering how root canal therapy works? In this blog from DentAllon Dentistry, we’ll discuss the basics of treatment, and also answer a few common questions about the process. Join us, and learn everything you need to know.

Problems Requiring A Root Canal

Root canals are required when a tooth has become infected. Typically, tooth decay and oral injuries are the reason that a root canal is required. Tooth decay can eat through the outer layers of the tooth, exposing the interior pulp and causing it to become infected. Similarly, serious trauma to your tooth can break it, exposing the pulp, which will lead to an infection if it’s left untreated. 

The Root Canal Process

To begin the process, your mouth will be cleaned and the treatment site will be numbed. Then, Dr. Allon will use special dental tools to remove damaged tooth material and create a small opening in the tooth’s surface. Through this opening, the decayed and infected pulp will be removed.

Once this is done, the tooth will be flushed and sanitized, then filled with an inert substance to replace the missing pulp. Finally, the tooth will be covered up with a filling or a temporary crown to protect and restore it. 

Root Canal Recovery

There are no special steps you need to take to recover. You can eat, brush, and go about your routine normally. Your tooth may hurt a bit for a few days, but this will start to fade quickly. However, prolonged pain isn’t normal. Contact us for a follow-up if you feel a lot of pain or discomfort for 1-2 weeks or longer.

FAQs About Root Canals

Got questions about root canals? We’ve got answers. Read on and learn more. 

  • If the tooth isn’t bothering me, do I need a root canal? Yes. If the tooth is infected, you need a root canal. Tooth infections don’t always hurt, but they will still kill your tooth eventually if left untreated.

  • Are root canals expensive? No, at least not compared to extracting and replacing your tooth. Root canals are relatively affordable, and are almost always covered by dental insurance.

  • Would extraction be a better option? No. Extracting your tooth is always the last resort at our office. Extracting and replacing a tooth is a much more expensive and complicated process than a root canal, so it’s always better to save the tooth when possible Dr. Allon will only recommend extraction if he has no other choice.

  • Is root canal therapy painful? No. Your mouth will be numb throughout the process, and you won’t feel any pain. You may feel minor discomfort after your numbing wears off, but this usually stops after just a day or two.

Contact DentAllon Dentistry For Root Canal Therapy In Nassau Bay

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